Applying for building permits

If you’re looking to do work on your property, you need to ask for a permit from your local town hall, or ayuntamiento.

To get work done, you’ll need to apply for a permit. We can help you with this. Please be aware: town halls in Spain charge a percentage on all building projects done to properties. You’ll need to get a quote for the work and present it to the ayuntamiento for them to make a decision.

What will we do?

  • Arrange an appointment with a local architect (if necessary).
  • Support you to get a quote for building work, includes materials and labour.
  • Provide telephone support whilst you’re at your local town hall (standard charges apply).
  • You can put us on your permit form as the point of contact so we can continue to translate the town hall’s decision to you and act as liaison on your behalf.

Contact us for a quote depending on which services you require.

What can we help you with?