How to get your digital certificate in Spain

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Digital certificates are fast becoming an essential.

Rather than visiting government buildings, often open at sporadic times, the digital certificate allows you to carry out many administrative tasks from home. In order to get yours, we can help. Make an appointment to pop in and we can sort it all out for you.

What will we do for you?

  • Ensure you have the correct paperwork.
  • We will navigate the set up for you.
  • We will book an appointment for you in Lanjarón.
  • We will speak to the right member of staff with you to get it sorted.
  • We will set a reminder to contact you when it’s due to expire.
  • We can then save a copy for you and one for us and help you navigate any tasks in the future.

€15 until 31st May – Spring offer!

€30 thereafter

What can we help you with?