Non-lucrative Visas

Visas can be a complicated issue. There are several different types and they all come with their own requirements. Let’s take a look at just one sort of visa, the non-lucrative.  

What is a non-lucrative visa?

A non-lucrative visa is for those who wish to reside in Spain without engaging in any work or professional activity. This can often apply to those who are retiring to Spain.

The rules of the visa state that you must stay in the country for a minimum of 183 days. The visa is valid for 1 year.

Who can get one?

In order to be granted the visa, you’ll have to show that you have 400% of the Multiplier for the Public Income Index (IPREM) in your bank account annually. The IPREM is 537,84 € for a month for this year 2021.

You will also have to get private health insurance.

This visa can be requested by third-country nationals. This means any individual who is applying to live somewhere that is not their country of origin.

EU citizens, or nationals of countries to whom EU law applies, cannot apply for the non-lucrative visa. They don’t need to as they have rights of free movement and residence.

TOP TIP: The non-lucrative residence visa can be applied for up to 90 days before the desired date of entry into Spain.

Who can’t get one?

Even if you’re not employed in Spain, or if you have your income going into a non-Spanish bank account, you’re considered self-employed. This includes digital nomads and remote workers.

If you work in any way, even if it’s not based within Spain, you would need the self-employed visa.

If you have a criminal record from within the last 5 years, your application will be denied.

How to get a non-lucrative visa

You are the only person that can apply for your visa. No third-party, e.g. a consultation agency, can do it on your behalf.

You can get notarised authorisation, where there is justified reason, for someone else to apply for you.

Minors’ parents or legal guardians can apply on their behalf.

To start the application process, you have to send a very specifically worded email, requesting an appointment.

  1. The email ADDRESS is:
  2. In the SUBJECT, you must specify the type of residence visa you wish to apply for.
  3. The TEXT of the message should state:
  • PERSONAL DETAILS of the applicant (full name, nationality, passport number and telephone number).
  • NON-LUCRATIVE VISA, identifying the visa you wish to apply for.
  • REASONS for the request.
  • PLACE OF RESIDENCE in United Kingdom.
  • DESIRED DATE for the appointment at the Consulate General, only TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS.

You will hear if your application was successful within 1 month of the appointment.

There is a fee for the initial temporary residence permit. The amount will depend on your country of origin.

TOP TIP: Each appointment is only for one person, therefore, family members accompanying the applicant who wish to apply for a visa need to book additional appointments.

Collecting your non-lucrative visa

If you’re granted the visa, you must collect it personally within one month from the date of notification.

If you don’t collect it within this set timeframe, the assumption will be made that you no longer want it, and they’ll close your case.

If your application is refused, you will not be refunded the fee you paid at the time of your application.

TOP TIP: A specialist legal team is recommended if you wish to submit another application if your first is rejected.


This information is intended to serve as a guide for visa applicants. While we try to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, we can’t assume any legal or other liability for its accuracy and refers to existing Schengen and national regulations.

Further support

If you’d like any further help with getting a non-lucrative visa, self-employed visas, or insurance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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