State of alarm is now over

The state of alarm is over, so what now? We are now in a three-phase de-escalation process. This started on 9th May. Here are the three phases and their start dates: Phase 1: Stabilization 9th – 31st May Phase 2: Advance 1st – 21st June Phase 3: Standardisation 21st June onwards What does it mean?Continue reading “State of alarm is now over”

Andalusia Covid Measures from 11 January 00:01

The new Covid measures in Andalusia, which will start in the period from Sunday to Monday until January 25th, (so when you wake up Monday morning, these will be in place) are as follows: -Keep the perimeter closure of the autonomous community (Andalucía), so that you can only leave and enter for justified reasons -MobilityContinue reading “Andalusia Covid Measures from 11 January 00:01”